About Us

Ash and The Apothecary

Demetrious O’Neil, who has been a bartender and barista for over 10 years, frequently found himself cooking his own simple syrups to achieve more interesting, robust flavors for cocktails and coffees. When friends started asking how they could recreate his signature drinks at home, Demetrious realized that other people were also struggling to find unique, high-quality quality syrups to take their mixology to the next level. Together with partner Ashleigh Crowther, he founded Ash Apothecary to bring the craft, artistry, and joy of mixology to everyone.

Ash Apothecary cares about quality, and that’s why we use only whole spices, organic cane sugar, and natural ingredients to build the fullest flavor profiles. Ash Apothecary is committed to the art of cocktail-making and will never use artificial flavorings, preservatives, or dyes.

What makes our syrups different

  • Unique flavors
  • Made by hand, in small batches
  • Only organic cane sugar
  • Only whole, non-irradiated spices
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavors or dyes
  • No GMOs